Friday, 11 December 2009

1. The Jasmine Necklace I

In 1956 the nationalisation of the Suez Canal disrupted our lives and we were “gently”

pushed out of our own free will!
Ever since that forceful exile I have wanted to write our story, it has now become a matter of extreme emergency, as we are the last of the Mohicans, i.e. the older generation of Jews from Egypt.
The Jasmine Necklace, my very first book, gives an account of the life of Jews in an Arab land.
It brings back the tastes, scents and sounds of our life in Egypt.
Our traditions were rich and colourful.
We spoke several languages without problem.
We mingled with Christians and Moslems in peace.
Thinking we were part of that country, our attachment to Egypt was massive.
I wanted to mark our passage with my Jasmine Necklace.
Encouraged by everyone I went on to write.


  1. Arlette Romano Cohen27 December 2009 at 21:17

    I enjoyed reading the saga of your life in and out of Egypt, as well as the nostalgic pictures of your family, of the Adly Street Synagogues, and the touching Maalesh ya Zahra poem. All this strikes a string in my heart. Your story has so much in common with mine, and you have the gift of expressing your impressions and feelings so well! I went back to Egypt, to my old neighborhood of Bab El Louk, hoping to find some of our lost paradise, in search of the spellbinding fragrances of the jasmine, mangoes, guavas, nowhere to be found, except in the deep folds of our memories. Thank you for reminiscing that beautiful world that no longer exists.

  2. I'd like to thank you for your comment.
    Yes jasmine remains my eternal passion and when I go to a warm country i look for that beautifully fragrant flower.And it all comes back to me!
    Rabena ye khaliki